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Review: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chairman   

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

This is one of the greatest books I've come across for helping to understand the differences in thinking between rich people and poor people.  The premise of the book is that each of us has a financial " "blueprint" locked away in our subconscious that is made up of everything we have ever seen, heard or experienced regarding money.  Your particular financial blueprint will determine how you react to financial decisions and ultimately whether you are rich or poor.  Harv Eker discusses 17 "wealth files" which you can use to re-program your financial blueprint so that it promotes wealth rather than prevents wealth.

I purchased the audio version of this book which lasts about 45 minutes per CD and listened to it, to and from work. I have literally listened to it over 50 times and am always amazed at how clear the wealth files become once you've heard them.  I was so amazed that I purchased a copy for my wife and 6 other friends who I thought could benefit from the lessons within.  There are 3 CDs and as I stated the first two last about 45 minutes with the third a little shorter.  Definitely check this book out it will change your outlook on wealth.

If you are interested, you can get it in either paperback or audio. We highly recommend the audio.


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Reviews Coming Soon... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chairman   

Reviews are in the works and more will be posted soon!

Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chairman   

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Considered a classic by some, Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first book I read on my wealth building journey and really opened my mind to the possibility that there was a better future out there waiting for me to take it.  The book tells Robert's own story as a kid growing up in Hawaii and the lessons he learned from his own father, the poor dad, and his best friend's father, the rich dad.  Through Robert's anecdotes, it becomes very clear that his two dads think very differently when it comes to finances.  He discusses wealth fundamentals such as financial literacy, how to make your money work for you and  why you should build "a system" if you want to put your wealth building on autopilot. 

Check it out in either paperback or audio.


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